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i miss ya!

written by: cyn knight

‘ello bloggerhood!

it came to my attention today that some of you may not know that i moved???

yeah — i have a whole new OTHER blog at a whole new OTHER web address.

click my brandy new logo right below if ya don’t believe me!!!

the racy redhead

so yeah, come find me — i am miss the shit outta y’all!

happy monday kittens!

peace, love & just run bloggy peeps,

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as i bid a fond farewell…

written by: cyn knight
day: 75.2

so today is the day i say goodbye to thechunkygoddess.
it’s bittersweet – but i have valid reasons (click HERE if ya missed that post explaining why I am moving my blog) & it’s time for a fresh start.

i started this blog here:

and am elated to end it here:

440 days of getting to where i am now was well worth it.

i hope ya’ll will follow me to my next venture : the racy redheadmy new blog where i will continue this journey with a few twists and turns!
any changes made are strictly for the better!

thank you to every single person who has ever even clicked on this page – nevermind my amazing readers. i ♥ ya all!

now hop on over to the new spot and let’s do this thing already!

peace, love & margaritas bloggy peeps,

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this happened today…

written by: cyn knight

i swore i wouldn’t start the 10k trainer app (link to app) until after my first 5k (THIS SATURDAY!!) but…
i didn’t run all weekend and just wanted a decent run today.
for the record – loving it!

peace, love & margaritas bloggy peeps,

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well hello there…

written by: cyn knight
day: 74.2

holy sunday-ness blogdom!

me & dean ♥

what a weekend…
they really do go too fast don’t they?
but the good news is that starting this week – the next month and a half will be a blur of rushing asses and holidays.
oh joy.
although i am trying to be upbeat about it all this year.
too many good changes in my life as of late to not be hopeful.

the new blog is coming along nicely.
it’s pretty much ready to go minus some artwork.
yeah, i am going to have some custom artwork… HOLLA!
have I ever mentioned that my dean is an AH-MAY-ZING artist?
well, let me just say this much.
nothing says *i love you* like being immortalized as a comic book rendering.
yeah – holy coolio!

new alex & ani bangle from dean in honor of my first 5k ♥♥♥

but that is all i am gonna say for now…
well that and he spoils me rotten with shiney things…
(i’m so fucking lucky, truly.)

paleo is great.
no, really – it is!
eating this way is much more satisfying.
sorry vegans – please don’t *vegan egg* my house!

good news: there will be a ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT this week and it will be coming with to the new abode.
a paleo ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT no less…
i haven’t been this psyched to try a new recipe in eons.

turkey trot 5k is just SIX DAYS away!!!
w00t w00t
super psyched and ready to own this shit.
i took yesterday and today off from running — i was super sore from last weeks little trip to the gym where i clearly kicked ass because i am STILL sore.
there will be none of that this week — i need to be a top-notch biotch for race day!

sexy and i know it…

i got my hair did…
i gotta wild hair and decided to throw some black panels (lowlights) in – it’s totally badass and i am loving it.
whatcha think???
am i the only one who feels invincible with new cool hair?
i think between that and the drawings dean made of me; i am in official self-appointed badass-ness overload!

well kittens — that’s all i got.
hopefully the big move will be in the next few days — definitely before the weekend!
and then the metamorphis is complete and life will carry on in the exact direction i want it to…

peace, love & margaritas bloggy peeps,

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packing my bags…

written by: cyn knight
day: 71.2

happy thursday-ness bloggywood!

so umm yeah, the change has begun & i just up and decided that i want to start a new blog.
i know, i know… who in their right mind does this?
i will lose readers.
LOTS i am sure.
but, as much as i love, love, LOVE y’all – this is for and about me.

here is the dilly…
i adore this blog – it is here that i lost a tremendous amount of weight & brought fitness into my life. it is here that i really felt like a blogger – i had features, met amazing people on similar (or completely different) journeys, i really incorporated social media, and i learned a lot with this blog.
it is also here that i have documented a life that is no longer mine.
not to mention the demise of that life & how utterly horrid the months following were.
granted i also have the beginning stages of my new life documented – but it’s time to let go and move the fuck on.
i don’t need a reminder to remember how it was/is.

it is also here that i have had tremendous internal battles involving what the scale says – allowing a contraption that has no way of measuring fitness, health, happiness, muscle tone, endurance, strength, perserverance and determination control my emotions and self-worth.
am i saying that the scale is useless? absofuckinglutely not… but i am just ready to leave the focus on weight behind me.
as well as the labels – who cares if i am chunky, fat, skinny, curvy, etc.
i need to be healthy & fit and have all the faith in the world that in attaining such – my *ideal weight* will follow.

AND to be clear – i am in NO WAY saying that anyone who chooses to use a scale/weight/BMI to measure success in their journey is wrong.
that would be hypocritical because i did that for well over a year.
i am just saying that for myself, it is something i feel i have outgrown and am choosing to focus elsewhere!
hell, i will be weighing myself periodically. maybe once a month, maybe not? i would be a lying sack of shit if i said otherwise.

so that is where my head is at in this decision.
the new blog has a domain, a name, and is under construction.
i hope to have it officially underway ASAP and of course will make a whole post dedicated to it when it’s complete.

if ya follow me on twitter ya might get a sneak peek.
on instagram as well…
just sayin’.

i have opened my mind and heart to a lot of changes in the past few months… and every single one has been the right choice.
i feel the new blog is right up there with the rest.

happy changes kittens!

i have a job interview tomorrow for a company i would just loveeeee to work for.
i am not sure if i am interviewing for the position i applied for because i was so taken aback by the phone call today which turned into a impromptu phone interview, that i didn’t even ask.
but some happy vibes and MoJo sent my way would be nice.

and can i tell you that skylar cried her eyes out when i told her i had the interview. she is already missing me…

peace, love & margaritas bloggy peeps,

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paleo, a weight gain, running & a move?

written by: cyn knight
day: 70.2

happy humpity humps blogtropolois!

i really hate when i slack and let days pass without blogging.
not because i have this vast wealth of knowledge to share – but because after a few days i always feel compelled to recap what i have been up to.
like ya’ll are on the edge of your seat wondering…
clearly you are not & i need to get over myself.
so in saying that…
i am just gonna write about what comes to mind and leave the recaps alone from now on – unless it’s something momentous of course.

so, today is day 2 on paleo.
i am digging it so far. i got a little munchie in the afternoon yesterday but i didn’t have enough protein at lunch and it’s the time of day i am usually munching on something carby (popcorn, crackers & cheese, etc).
and while i know technically you are not supposed to track food on paleo – old habbits die hard and i, of course, am.
for the time being at least.
i just like to see the numbers & it’s going to take me awhile to let go of that need to be anal retentive in regards to tracking.

i am catching hell about switching to paleo.
from the vegans no less.
and i get it – it’s a pretty major departure from being a devout vegan (which btw i have not been since june now).
but this isn’t some whim.
i did a lot of reading and research and what really was the deciding factor for me to give paleo a whirl is the positive effect cutting wheat/gluten & dairy out of your diet has on your digestive track/belly.
and mine has been waging a war on me for 3+ years now.
no matter how *healthy* i eat – i have ongoing belly issues that for a lack of a better phrase – suck ass!

i won’t get on my bangwagon about it – you can read about *leaky gut* (google it) and autoimmune diseases and the paleo diet on your own.
but if you have suffered for yearsssssssss, like i have, with belly issues – i guarantee it’s worth rsearching.

and i have always stood by my guns that cutting dairy out was better for my body than the meat when i was a vegan.

i am only on day two – so i am certainly NOT an expert – but the *bloat* i typically feel at any given point in the day from noon on – has been non-existent the past two days so far.
we shall see!

now this is where i make a confession.
i have gained a few pounds since my last weigh-in on october 27th.
a few as in 5.4 lbs to be exact.
in just three fucking weeks no less.
but i have no one but myself to blame and the past few weeks have been foodapalooza topped off with me throwing all caution to the wind and eating GOBS of garbage.
if i weren’t running – i bet it would easily be 10 – 15.4 lbs!
no joke!

speaking of running…
it’s going fabulously & is the one constant thing in my life (minus the given things like dean and the kiddos) that brings me non-stop happiness & immense self-pride!
i have ten days until my first 5k and dean & i drove the race route over the weekend & it has motivated me to leave the comfort of the level bike path and to run only in my hilly neighborhood until the race.
afterwards i will complete c210k – which continues where c25k ended.

i don’t want to sound cocky and say i am not nervous about the 5k – but i am not nervous about the 5k.
i ran one yesterday and today (depending on which app you ask as i run two simutaneously and they both differ) & while it was easy peasy – i wasn’t dying and in need of a lung transplant either.
i am anxious for the race – but in a good way.

and one final thing.
i am contemplating a whole new blog thing.
i probably will move the blog to a new address – which means yes, you will once again have to follow my ass elsewhere (still wordpress but another locale) – but the facebook, twitter, instagram & all the other social media whoring will stay the same.
i love this blog & everything it represents but in a lot of ways i feel like i have outgrown it. the name especially.
i may still techinically be a wee bit chunky – but i don’t have that mentality anymore and to be honest – while i do care what the scale says it is so much more for me now that just that.
i am a runner (wow, i am huh?) and fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is what is my focus now.
i want my blog and the message i put out there to be solely about that.
weight loss and looking better are just benefits of my focus.
am i being ridiculous for wanting to start a whole new blog????
your thoughts my dear kittens???

peace, love & skinny margaritas bloggy peeps,

*** can’t get enough of my ass?
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friday foto dump vol: 15

written by: cyn knight
day: 65.2

tee gee eye effin eff bloggywood!
it’s that magical time again…
just me unloading some of the MANY photos i take in the course of week and basically yapping about them mindlessly.
fun, right?

so let’s get started…

here is hunter zipping skylar up in the new guitar case he got for his birthday last weekend…
clearly she is hating every nanosecond of it…

have i ever mentioned that my daughter has been begging for a drum set since she was two?
i thought it a silly whim…
not the case – she is campaigning BIG time for a drum set for xmas this year and seeing this kickass junior drum set @ guitar center did NOT help!
(how stinkin’ cute!)

still trudging along in the #50milesinnovember!!!

this is old news but you KNEW i was going there…

saw this during the week on one of my runs…
nothing irritates me more than the this need people have nowadays to make xmas a three month long celebration.
it realllllly loses its magic and thanksgiving is lessened in this xmas mania!
i mean maybe this family just loves xmas, or has some valid reason for jumping the gun? but wtf?!?!?!
let’s slow life down a bit instead of the constant fast forward!

yes, she is STILL a lion king freak!
i have a friend who’s grown daughter loved lion king as a child – she is still a lion king freak complete with lion king tattoos.
that will be my daughter.
grown, sporting lion king tattoos and banging away on her drums!

did i mention i finished the c25k this week?
cheers to me!
(i promise i will stop with the gloating now)

me & my girl lisa…
like my new trim & color?
yup – went a bit bolder & next weekend i am back in the salon to do something a little different and fun!

last night’s little stop at toys r us.
was an absolute zoo – apparently a HUGE sale – but the kiddos didn’t care.
and i saw this…

pickles BLT
the cutest little redheaded lalaloopsy EVER!
she is a roller skating, gum smacking waitress.
i shall make her an honorary member of the redheaded posse!

well that about sums it up…
crazy busy weekend as always & not that we have specific things to do – just a bunch of this and that & there just isn’t enough time.
even on a three day weekend.

BUT… i will clue ya’ll in that dean and i are getting some much needed time alone.
we have a hotel room & a kickass night out to see one of my most favorite bands at our favorite watering hole…
super psyched!!!


happy weekend!
and happy bloggin’ kittens!

peace, love & skinny margaritas bloggy peeps,

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warning: MAJOR gloating ahead…

written by: cyn knight
day: 64.2

happy i-rock-balls thursday blogorama!

so i am just going to get right to the gloating…
and trust me – i am gloating ALL over the internet so if you follow me in other places – sorry, but not really.
i am gloating dammit!

i did this today…

yup, i finished the c25k and am officially a graduate.
i am happier about this than when i graduated high school! maybe because this was harder??? who knows???

today we had remnants of yesterday’s nor’easter with slushy snow, some pretty radical wind gusts and a whopping 36 degrees but i was determined to get her done…
and even despite the shit-ola weather… the view was spectacular today!

happy happy!

and i learned something about running in cold weather.
less is more because my weather gear (the underarmour pants and hoodie i got from the gap) WORK like a MoFo!
i was stripping and unzipping the last 15 minutes of my run and wishing like hell i hadn’t overdressed!

but my run was superb – 2.9 miles 34 minutes is pretty good and leads me to believe that I will reach my goal of completing my 5k (a little over two weeks away!!!) in under 40 minutes!

so yeah – i am happier than doo-dah and feeling pretty extra nifty!
this is a dream come true.
not only did i finish the program but the past eight weeks changed my life and i WANT to keep running & getting better.
happy bloggin’ kittens!

peace, love & skinny margaritas bloggy peeps,

*** can’t get enough of my ass?
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written by: cyn knight
day: 63.2

happy humipty humps blogosphere!

so clearly things aesthetically are changing around here.
i dedicated an entire blog post to it yesterday.
i feel my journey is changing and therefor so should my blog.

i cleaned things up a bit and simply because it’s cleaner, puts more focus on the writing (working on that peeps!) and it just looks better without a sidebar of this and that.
plus i think not having everything within mouseclicks reach kinda forces y’all to look around a bit?
(pretty sneaky aye?)

but enough on that…
so what’s all the hub bub about change…?
well lemme break it down for ya by category.

i don’t think it’s a giant secret that things between dean and i are going superbly. he is amazing and not just to me but to my children too; what more could i ask for?
so we have decided to take things to the next level (into 2013) by combining our families and moving in together.
not a single detail to spill at this point – but it is in the works and will happen.
bottom line: i am extremily happy and want a life with this man…

the ex…
i haven’t written about him in awhile and that has been by choice. i battle even now with whether or not discussing him is the right thing to do, but our situation and the demise of our relationship definitely had/has an impact on me.
so in saying that…
brian has been in an inpatient substance abuse program for the past six weeks or so. that is all i plan on saying about the program and simply because i don’t know anything about it other than the minimal amounts he has told me.
but what i will say is that i am elated he is there and do see some pretty powerful changes in him already.
so for our daughter’s sake – i am rooting for his recovery!
and because the insistent fighting has all but ceased – my stress factors are ridiculously lowered and it makes for a more peaceful existence for skylar and i.
bottom line: i am letting go completely – it is no longer my job to take care of him.

this is a no brainer and a C O N S T A N T source of conversation in my world lately.
 i know y’all are so sick of hearing me cack about it – imagine how the poor souls in the RL (real life) feel… buggars!
i am on the cusp of finishing the c25k and even just writing the words evokes a bevy of strange yet wonderful emotions.
these past eight weeks have changed my life.
i ran 33 fucking minutes in a row today.
i was only supposed to run 28 but i felt great and kept going.
bottom line: c25k is only the beginning…

i write food because i just loathe the word diet – even though the term is technically that.
this is one aspect of my life that is either on the up and up or i am just failing miserably at… and honestly, i am just fed up with it being out of control.
i have been hovering around the 170lb. point for MONTHSSSSSSSSS and simply because i am playing god with my diet and trying to manipulate the system lately.
true story – there, i fucking said it.
after much research, discussion, questions and thoughts i am going to try PALEO (site to takes you to my favorite paleo site thus far) after the holiday weekend.
yes, me the former vegan/vegetarian.
but to be clear – i chose to be vegan/vegetarian more for health/ethical reasons and not because i didn’t like the taste of meat.
BUT…that does NOT mean that i am still not appalled by the meat packing industry and the disgusting mistreatment of animals – i am! and because of that i will try my absolute hardest to consume organic /free-range/locally grown animals as well as produce.
(so anyone out there with advice, comments, links, suggestions, etc. in regards to paleo – please, send them my way!)
bottom line: no frankenfoods for me thank you very much…

at the core, i am better than i have been in years.
maybe even my entire life.
i feel like i have everything i have ever wanted either now or within my reach and it is finally sinking in that i am worthy of every ounce of happiness i have or that is coming.
and it has taken me a lifetime to feel that way.
i have goals i have yet to meet (that is another post down the road) and i feel this resurge in the need to achieve them and i am actually excited again about that!
i have been copping out since april and i am done.
i can do any fucking thing i want – i mean what the fuck – look at what i have done in a little over a year!
and it is high time i acknowledge that fact instead of wallowing in self-pity and my crappy defeatist attitude.
fuck that noise.
i want to be healthy, thin and fit and not cop out in ANY aspect of my life.
bottom line: look the fuck out universe – the take-no-shit bitch is back and she has decided to be the amazon goddess herself – wonder fucking woman!
happy bloggin’ kittens!

peace, love & skinny margaritas bloggy peeps,

*** can’t get enough of my ass?
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